Dricon® FRT Wood: FAQ

**Fire Retardant Coated Wood is NOT the same as Fire Retardant Treated Wood  – Learn More

1.What is the hourly fire resistance rating for Dricon® FRT wood?

Dricon® FRT wood has been tested for fire performance by several independent laboratories and meets model code requirements for a Class A fire retardant.

2. Is Dricon FRT wood typically used in homes or in commercial applications?

Dricon FRT wood is frequently used is multi-family dwellings, schools, hospitals, office buildings, theaters, shopping centers, and wherever building codes require an extra measure of protection for occupants. In some areas, the use of FRT wood in residential construction is now required by ICC’s International Urban-Wildland Interface Code.

3. Where is Dricon FRT wood typically used in homes?

Dricon FRT wood can be used for all framing members or just for critical components such as stairways, chimney wraps, and door and window casings.

4. What codes and standards recognize Dricon FRT wood?

Dricon FRT wood has been recognized by numerous agencies, standards, and code-making authorities.

5. How does Dricon FRT wood work? Is there a demonstration video available for viewing?

Dricon FRT wood works automatically when exposed to fire. Check out the demo video on Dricon Fire Retardant Treated Wood vs. Untreated Wood.

6. What warranties back Dricon FRT wood?

Dricon FRT wood is backed by three limited warranties: a 40-year roof system warranty, a 40-year preservative warranty, and a 10-year truss manufacturers warranty.

7. What are the flamespread and smoke developed ratings for Dricon FRT wood?

Dricon FRT wood qualifies as a Class A/Class 1 fire retardant with flamespread and smoke developed ratings of 25 or less.

8. What are other relevant properties of the product?

Dricon FRT wood has several exceptional characteristics. View the design values of Dricon chart for strength, hygroscopicity, corrosion, and appearance properties.

9. Does Dricon FRT wood offer protection against termites and decay too?

Yes, Dricon FRT wood offers EPA-registered protection against termites and decay.

10. What do I need to know about finishing and gluing Dricon FRT wood?

Stains, sealers, varnishes, and paints can be used with Dricon FRT wood.