Dricon FRTW Lumber and Plywood

Biewer Lumber, LLC., is one of the largest treaters/distributors of Dricon® fire retardant treated (FRT) wood in the midwest and northeast. Dricon® FRTW is an effective and economical material for reducing the effects of fire. Introduced in 1981, Dricon® impedes both flame spread and smoke development. Since that introduction, Dricon® FRT wood has proven itself in countless structures of many different types. Dricon® FRT wood is intended for interior, weather-protected applications. Building code and related agencies recognize it as an alternative to materials classified as non-combustible for a range of applications, and it has been issued a code evaluation report.

Fire retardant treated wood has been used for decades in institutional buildings. As more homes are built near forests and woodlands, the threat of fire is increasing to residential property and inhabitants. Dricon® FRT wood provides an extra measure of safety for homeowners and may even increase escape time in the event of a fire.

Fire Treated Lumber

Dricon® FRT wood provides greater design latitude for the architect, engineer and contractor, and removes many barriers associated with conventional non-combustible materials such as masonry and steel. The use of Dricon® FRT wood can result in greater safety and offers a less costly alternative to the use of sprinklers or parapet walls. It offers all of the environmental and other advantages of wood. Plus, it is backed by a 40-year roof system warranty that covers both materials and labor, a 40-year preservative warranty, and a truss manufacturer’s warranty.

Each batch of Dricon® FR chemical is inspected and tested to be sure it adheres to the specifications of Arch Wood Protection and Underwriters Laboratories. The Dricon® chemical meets current AWPA standards as a fire retardant and as a preservative in above-ground, weather-protected uses. Learn more about fire performance and other properties, treatment, species and sizing, and availability and cost.

Dricon® Fire Test:

Dricon® Advantages:

  • Backed by a 40-year builder’s limited warranty for roof systems that covers materials and labor, a 40-year preservative warranty, and a 10-year truss manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Allows greater design freedom for architects and engineers.
  • EPA-registered resistance to termites and fungal decay in above ground, weather-protected applications.
  • Conforms to current AWPA standards.
  • Produced by independent licensees of Arch Wood Protection, which follow enforced quality control standards.
  • MIL-L-19140E QPL listed.
  • Factory Mutual listed.